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7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Coyotes

10 Easy Things To Make Your Dog Happier


We always want to form sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as they might be, but we sometimes grind to a halt thinking we’re doing everything we will do. There are always new ways to boost your dog’s life and a few owners won't even be covering the fundamentals. Here you’ll find 10 easy ways to form your dog happier.
1 – Rotate Toys

Some people only have one or two toys at a time, while others have every toy that the dog lays around the house. a bit like people, dogs can and do get tired of toys and luxuriate in new things. This doesn’t necessarily mean you would like to constantly buy new toys. Just put your dog's toys on rotation and once they seem to urge bored of what’s out now, put them away and convey out an old toy your dog forgot about. Trust us, it works!
2 – continue Walks

Not only is walking good for exercise, but it is also good for your dog's brain. Dogs got to get out. Imagine if you were stuck within the house all day for your entire life. Sure, you would possibly take your dog out sometimes, but most people don’t take their dogs out enough. Daily walks are a crucial part of your dog’s physical and psychological state. They get to try new things, get excited, and sometimes they meet new people and they'll burn some fat. Plus, it’s a peaceful thing to spend some quality time together with your pooch.

3 – Train Obedience

Teaching basic obedience will make life better for you and your dog. you'll teach it yourself, hire a personal trainer, or attend group classes. regardless of what you select, your dog will enjoy learning the principles and limits that make them an honest house dog and neighbor and they’ll burn tons of psychic energy from thinking. Trained dogs are happy dogs because they skills to stay their owners happy also as themselves.
4 – Teach New Tricks

Even if your dog isn’t subsequent obedience or agility champion, they certainly have much room to find out new things. Teaching your dog a replacement trick may be a good way for you to spend time together, plus you’ll be providing your dog with tons of mental stimulation and yummy treats. And remember, old dogs can learn new tricks, so don’t be afraid to undertake something new together with your senior!
5 – Maintain a Healthy Weight

Some owners feel this is often counterintuitive because limiting our dogs’ food intake means they won’t be ready to eat the maximum amount they need. Sure, this could be true, but your dog will likely attempt to eat his entire bag of kibble before he thinks he’s full. the truth is that a healthy weight will keep your dog happier because he’s getting to be healthier and feel better. Excess weight is uncomfortable, increases blood heat, limits their day to day playtime, and puts them at increased risk for a mess of medical conditions.
6 – Play More

Even if it’s just 10 minutes each day, getting some playtime in together with your dog will build your relationship and permit you both to possess fun. Dogs get bored and that they want to play, albeit they’re older, so don’t hesitate to undertake and luxuriate in some new toys! If you've got a dog that isn’t that curious about toys, you'll play with food by making your dog find hidden treats or chase your hand around to urge one.
7 – Be Consistent

The biggest problem dog trainers see with clients is a contradiction. a bit like people, dogs need consistent rules and limits for them to know what behavior is suitable and what isn’t. Dogs who are often reprimanded for things they didn't understand were wrong are always unhappy dogs. Not only does the dog receive inconsistent and inconsistent punishment, but they also feel their owner nervous and anxious about them. It’s a nasty situation regardless of how you check out it.
8 – Give Them a shower

While your dog probably doesn’t get to be bathed hebdomadally, regular baths will keep them feeling fresh and clean. Not only will you furthermore may be more apt to pet your dog because they smell better and feel cleaner, but you’ll also be getting obviate any allergens which may get on your dog’s coat. You’ll even be getting any pesky fleas off!
9 – Verbal & Physical Praise

Praise is so important to maintaining a relationship together with your dog. Verbal and physical praise mean telling your dog how good they're and petting them. They don’t even need to be doing anything particularly well and it doesn’t need to be in training. Spending time petting and praising your dog even for a few minutes will make them feel comfortable, secure, and loved.
10 – Try New Treats

Just like rotating toys may be a good idea, rotating treats is too! Most dogs have a couple of different favorites that will be used on rotation and trying new treats to feature to the combination is great too. Your dog will definitely love guessing which snack is coming next and you’ll get to seek out out their favorite flavors and textures!


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