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7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Coyotes

10 Ways to Show Your Dog Love Without Making Them Fat

People often show their love through food. Some mothers like to cook for his or her kids and encourage them to eat up.
When someone features a Birthday people often take them to dinner, bake them a cake, or buy them some nice candy.

Valentine’s Day is all about couples getting to dinner and therefore the exchange of candy.
To some people “quality time” with friends and family is spent going bent eat.
People also show their pets that they love through food.
Fat dog on a scale
Some people give their dog the recommended serving on the food package then a touch extra simply because they love them.
Some people get sad when their dog acts love it is hungry so that they give them some table scraps.
Some people “make their dog happy” by giving them a treat whenever they “ask”.
In my experience, people are uncomfortable if they desire they're “denying” their dog anything food-related.
Unfortunately, this has led to an obesity epidemic.
According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 55.6% of folks Dogs are Overweight or Obese.
Some of the main health risks to pets that are overweight or obese are a high vital sign, heart and respiratory illness, renal disorder, many sorts of cancer, and a decreased anticipation (up to 2.5 years).
Treats aren't the sole thanks to showing your dog love overfeeding is one of the most important influences on a pet is obese. Perhaps we'd like to seem for other ways to point out the dogs that we love them.
Here are 10 alternatives to food and treats which will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog:


1-Give your dog 5 minutes of undivided attention

2-Give your dog a hug (IF your dog likes hugs)

3-Take your dog for a walk
4-Play a game like tug-of-war or fetch
5-Teach your dog a replacement trick (like jumping through a hoop or the way to roll over)
6-Play hide the treat (like in k-9 coursework – here is the way to get started)
7-Give your dog a massage (also an honest opportunity to see for lumps or abnormalities)
8-Take a hike with your dog
9-Spend a while watching your dog (like quarter-hour – doing it both inside and out of doors of the house helps) and trying to find out what their visual communication is telling you.
10-Sing to them (dogs like to hear our voice – singing within the car on a mini-road trip is even better!)
Now that folks are recognizing that fido’s waistline is expanding, and showing love through food isn't helping, movement is becoming the new affection.


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